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Summer In the city boutique!

Hey girl!

I'm Summer, and I'm a wife to my handsome high school sweetheart and a mom to Irish twins who rock my world. I wear the many hats that those two crazy jobs entail!... Which sometimes leads me to my guilty pleasure --> SIPPIN' and SHOPPIN’ when the kids go to bed!!

Oh, and believe me sis, I know the feeling... Still wanting to be that fiery and fashionable chick, but unable to find the time to shop because #momlife got you putting yourself on the back burner (happily doing so for your family, of course). Well, who doesn't love shopping from their sofa?!

This thing called FASHION has always had a soft spot in my heart, and I'm sincerely proud of the items that I've handpicked for you, the quality of my pieces, and the ease of the transactions for my customers, with FREE RETURNS on every order.

Items will change often so be sure to check back daily for new arrivals!!

Thank you for visiting, and I promise together we will stay FUN and STYLISH! 

When that package arrives, consider it a gift from you to you!




God Bless,